BeXRB workshops, with its 4th edition to be held in Valencia on July 27th-29th 2020, have become key meetings in the field. Aiming at giving place to a very broad set of topics and fields of research (related to Be stars in X-Ray Binaries and similar objects), and to create an atmosphere of knowledge sharing and discussion, the need of such a meeting with a ~3 year periodicity  is encouraged by the great success of previous editions.

Be stars themselves still represent a challenge to modern astrophysics. When in binary systems, their observation and modelling do not only shed light into our knowledge of the peculiarities of Be stars, but also into a variety of topics of great interest, like physics of accretion, matter and light in extreme conditions, and massive binary star evolution as progenitors of NS-NS or NS-BH systems, primary targets of GW detection in the present times.

Therefore, the intensive study of these objects by the scientific community must keep at the good pace that we have witnessed in the last decade. BeXRB 2020 will try to contribute to push knowledge in the field, promote collaborations, and offer lots of networking options among scientists from very different fields of research.
Key Topics
  • Phenomenology of BeXRB transient outbursts in the X-ray domain
  • Transient outbursts as laboratories of accretion physics
  • Timing studies of Be/X-ray binaries
  • Transfer of mass: from decretion to accretion, observation and modelling
  • Multi-wavelength observations and their implications
  • Population studies: Be/X-ray binaries with white dwarfs and black holes,  BeXRB population in external galaxies
  • The high-energy gamma-ray connection
  • Prospects in the light of current and future space missions and multimessenger astrophysics